Check weighers

Weighpack’s range of check weighers operate in intermittent (static) or continuous mode depending on the line speed and portion weight.
The units can be delivered as a standalone machine or fully integrated into the packaging line.
Verifications can be made by weight or number of pieces.
Packages with deviations are automatically rejected to a roller conveyor for manual verification of the error. After correction, the package can be reintroduced into the line.

Weighpack’s special VDA compliant check weigher configuration, features two check weighers that work in tandem. Upon being introduced to the line, an empty container will be weighed, this weight is then compared with the weight of the exact same container when it has been filled.

Our check weighers can be delivered with compliance certification.

–  Capacity up to 15 portions per minute
–  Weighing range 0.5 to 50 kg
–  Auto tare function available

–  Capacity up to 60 portions per minute
–  Weighing range 0.2 to 10 kg
–  Auto tare function available