How efficiently do you package your fasteners?

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The Weighpack Way

You are a supplier of fasteners for the automotive, construction, infrastructure, installation or DIY market. You manufacture or handle large amounts of products, that need to be shipped to your clients. So, you want your products to be thoroughly checked, accurately weighed, efficiently packed and clearly labelled. To make identification, (re)distribution and handling at the destination as easy as possible, free of hassle, errors and confusion.

Weighpack: whatever the input, we control the output.

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Packaging Solutions

Weighpack designs tailor made solutions, based on your situation and requirements. We take into account the various products you handle, the stages of the packaging process that need to be included, the level of automation desired, the type and size of the packaging required and the layout and logistics of your sites and buildings. Our solutions are not limited to their product handling tasks, but connect seamlessly to ‘whatever happens before’ and ‘whatever has to happen after’.

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A packaging line is like a living organism: it requires care, attention and maintenance. That is where Weighpack makes a big difference. Our pre- and after sales services ensure maximum performance and minimum down time.

We offer service and maintenance contracts and with WP Connect our engineers can analyse your system and solve problems in real time, by logging in remotely. If you wish to expand, upgrade or modify your existing packaging line, we can retrieve the original designs and quickly integrate the desired modifications.

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