Inspection & Control

We offer various inspection & control stations in our packaging lines. Integrity, size and orientation of the handled products are inspected and controlled prior to packaging. Rejects are accumulated and, when applicable, can be fed back into the packaging line and rethreaded instantly.


The Weighpack Monoctopus inspection and packing system is designed for 100% fully automatic quality control and packing of bolts. Up to 4 cameras can be used to inspect the shape of the product. Geometrical measurement is performed in a continuous flow, therefore speeds up to 200 pieces per minute can be obtained. Visual inspection allows tolerances up to 0.05 mm depending on the camera used. The Monoctopus Bolt Inspection System is a high speed inspection machine, designed for 100% sorting and checking of ferrous parts with head. The inspection system is non sensitive to oil or dust.

• 1 centrifugal feeder, inner ø ca. 750 mm.
• 1 outfeed conveyor belt with adjustable guides.
• 1 roller feed system, adjustable in widths, to orient bolts.
• Mechanical sorting of products between driven rollers.
• 1 interval feature to feed product in correct timing depending on size.
• 1 slide and 1 coil with digital ‘EC detect system’.

Product inspection machine features:
• 1 reject unit for faulty parts.
• 1 adjustable counting unit to count product into container.
• All contact parts are lined to avoid thread damage.
• Heavy duty chassis with quick interchangeable slides.
• Self learning controls with memory.
• Computer to control single channel Monoctopus system.


The new Weighpack Monoctonut inspection and packing system is designed for 100% fully automatic quality control and packing of nuts, washers, stamping parts, etc. by using our new “part turn over system”. Visual inspection is performed on top and bottom side of the part by using 2 separate cameras directly onto the part without interference of any transport media like glass plates. Up to 4 camera’s can be used to inspect the complete shape of the part. Geometrical measurement is performed in a continuous flow process, allowing for very high handling speed. Visual inspection can be performed with a maximum tolerance of 0.05 mm, depending on camera and objective used.

Monoctonut advantages:
• Easy to operate machine control with storage capacity for 30 products.
• Quick set-up for new product parameters.
• High speed inspection up to 200 parts per min.
• Inspected products are packed directly to prevent contamination after inspection.
• Packing in returnable KLT-box or carton boxes.
• Inspected products are counted, eliminating over- or under delivery to your customers.
• Short change-over times and easy machine set-up.

Inspection parameters:
• Inner diameter.
• Outer diameter.
• Thread available.
• Missing washer.
• Deformation outside tolerance.
• Mixed parts.

• Product type: nuts, stamping parts.
• Minimum product size: min. 10 x 2 mm.
• Maximum product size: 35 x 6 mm.
• Speed: max. 200 per minute.
• Accuracy: 0.05 mm.
• Reject gate: fail safe.
• Inspection mode: visual.
• Number of camera’s: up to 4.
• Product changeover time: 3 min.
• New product set-up: 10 to 15 min.

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