Introducing our agents: MM Automation

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mm automation

We serve our customers worldwide directly from our factory in the Netherlands and also through a network of agents. These agents are familiar with both our products and the needs of their local market. MM Automation in Poland is one of these partners and we would like to introduce them to you in the form of an interview.

Marcin, could you introduce yourself and your company?

“I am Marcin Zimnol, director and co-owner of MM Automation. We sell machines and provide services to the fastener industry in Poland. We have represented Weighpack in Poland since 2014.”

What machines and services do you supply?

“Thanks to our substantial experience and long term cooperation with Weighpack, we are able to provide our customers with professional advice and assistance during the planning and purchasing process. We also provide a full after-sales service. In addition to Weighpack packing machines we sell hot and cold forging headers and thread rolling machines.”

What Weighpack equipment do you supply?

“Thanks to the high quality and reliability of Weighpack Machines we supply all market leaders in the Polish fastener industry. We provide them with customized, fully automated packing lines.”

How do your customers rate Weighpack machines?

“In today’s world, where reliability and efficient solutions are essential, Weighpack machines are preferred by our customers. Our goal is to design the most suitable solution for every project, and Weighpack provides full support for that.“

Can you give an example of a recent project?

“Thanks to Weighpack’s unique experience in packing fasteners they have recently been able to design, build and install several unique prototype solutions to orient long products which are particularly difficult to handle. They, and we, fully involved the customer in that process.“

Is there anything you would like to add?

“Machines are “just machines” and sometimes something can fail. It is important for us and Weighpack to support our customers every time they need us, especially at challenging times. Even after the guarantee period, we have never left a customer unsupported.”