Introducing Patrick van Tiel

2 min read

I am Weighpack’s new Commercial Manager, specializing in Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). Our new Karter AMR is like an Automatically Guided Vehicle or Cart (AGV/AGC), but much smarter. 

Familiar with engineering and commercial aspects

After studying mechanical engineering I worked in a range of commercial roles in engineering businesses. Along the way I also learned about electrical engineering and control systems, and got a degree in business administration. I think that background gives me a good understanding of Weighpack’s products, and the industries and customers we serve. 

I started at Weighpack in January and mostly work with Simon Rijke, our CEO, and the eight engineers designing our packing lines and the AMRs. Obviously I am also constantly in contact with customers and some of our suppliers. It is exciting to be working on the introduction of the Karters. Although the original design was developed some time ago and has proven itself, this product line is new to Weighpack. 

AMR applications

I can see a lot of opportunities for these AMRs, both at current Weighpack customers and in completely new markets, such as logistics, warehousing and automotive. In fact, we are busy setting up a sister company specifically for the Karters. Soon you will be able to read more about that on our website. 

Smart laser scanners

The advantage of our Karters is that they use safety laser scanners to navigate, so there is no need to paint lines on the floor, install reflective targets on the walls, etc. They can transport your pallets both operating to a fixed schedule and also ad hoc, providing a lot of flexibility. 

Like many people, I am working at home a lot due to the pandemic. However, I still regularly go to the Weighpack factory and offices in The Hague. I’m really looking forward to helping to develop the market for the Karters, as I think these AMRs can add a lot of value to our customers’ operations.