Karter: an improved and compact AGV for moving pallets

karter Weighpack

Moving pallets is part of a large number of production processes. Automation in this field will save you money and increase work floor safety. The ‘Karter’ is an Automated Guided Vehicle or AGV that can operate safely amidst your employees. The Karter picks up, transports and delivers pallets from pre-destined locations, sticking to pre-set routes, while being actively aware of obstacles and persons crossing its path while in operation. After an introductory course you will be able to configure the Karter yourself.

The Karter uses the existing layout of the work floor with the permanent structures and boundaries as reference. There is no need for the installation of induction loops, magnets, reflectors or other sensors. Smart software uses WiFi to send commands to the Karter. Multiple Karters can operate simultaneously and mutually aware! It takes only 10 minutes to fully charge the Karter, allowing it to operate fully for 8 hours. Driving speed is 2 kph, the lift is electrical-hydraulic.

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