The Karter: A compact and intelligent AMR

Meet the Karter from Weighpack. This new and extremely compact AMR conveys your pallets unattended on the shop floor.

Many production processes have large numbers of pallet movements. With the automation of this process you save labor costs and increase safety in the shop floor.

The Karter is a so-called “Autonomous Mobile Robot”, which works completely safely in manned areas. The Karter moves pallets to and from positions indicated by you within the area, adheres to routes you have determined and brakes for obstacles the Karter encounters on his way. After a training you will be able to configure the Karter yourself.

Weighpack offers you flexibility and complete control over the automation of your production processes.

As reference for its positioning the Karter uses existing structures and contours in its working environment. Additional induction loops, magnets or reflectors are therefore not necessary. Intelligent software controls the Karter via WiFi with commands, which the robot then executes completely independently. You can of course use several Karters next to each other. The Karter only needs a charging time of 10 minutes to be able to function continuously for 8 hours. It has a speed of 2 kilometers per hour and an electro-hydraulic driven lift.

– Weight: 120 kg
– Load capacity: 1500 kg
– Safety: laser scanner with integrated safety zones
– Navigation: unrestricted configuration based on mapping of working environment
– Accuracy: ± 1 cm
– Drive speed: 2 km/h standard (optional 4 km/h)
– Management BMS (on board battery management system)
– Charging station: fully automatic charging without manual handling
– Charging time: 10 minutes
– Battery: Voltage 24V
– Battery chemistry: LiFePO4
– Battery capacity: 50Ah
– Turning radius: the Karter can rotate around its own axis
– Certification: CE standardization