Linear weigher 

Weighpack’s modular linear weighing machines are versatile and available in single or dual lane configuration. They are suitable for semi-automatic operations as well as fully automatic high-capacity packaging solutions.

Our linear weighing machines are suitable to handle small to large products, in small or large portions, with filling into bags, carton boxes and returnable plastic containers as well as bulk packaging.

The machine can be fitted with fine feed systems for a high accuracy in either vibratory or roller design with optical counter. Linear weighing machines are always fitted with a preweigh tray which ensures an even, stable, and sufficient flow of product to the weighing mechanism.

–  Capacity up to 8 discharges per minute per weigh head
–  Weighing pan volume up to 25 dm³
–  Product dimensions from Ø4 x 8 to Ø24 x 250 mm
–  Single piece weight Maximum 950 g
–  Portion size up to 35 kg
–  Accuracy ± 1 – 2 g
–  Polyurethane coating for product protection and noise reduction
–  Touch screen HMI
–  PLC controller with options for upstream and downstream synchronization