New version of Weighpack OMS available

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The Overall Management System (OMS) is an optional software package, which supports the operation of your Weighpack packing line. We have recently released version 15 of OMS, which includes a number of updates to the communications protocol for interfacing to external systems and MS Windows support. This version will now be offered as an option for all new lines.

Software features

OMS communicates with all the machines in your line and displays their operating status, the current recipe, number of products and boxes processed, etc. The software can also upload recipes to the packing line. All in all, OMS provides operators and managers with clear information about and control of the operations. It also enables you to store and recall all packing line variables to minimize downtime. As a result you can keep your finger on the pulse of your packing operations and optimize the processes. OMS can also interface with other business software such as ERP packages.

Software upgrade for existing packing lines

OMS version 15 is available as an upgrade for many existing lines, depending on the PLCs they are fitted with. Please contact us for more details.

An overview of the system

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