Automotive fasteners

automotive fasteners

About the automotive fasteners market

The automotive market has strict quality requirements for fasteners and their packaging and traceability. We can pack fasteners and components such as stampings into boxes, bags and KLT automotive industry bins. Our equipment can handle the products very gently to prevent damage to the fastener head and thread, while maintaining a high throughput. Weighpack also designs and builds advanced inspection lines for fasters used in the automotive and aviation industry. Finally we supply auxiliary equipment for fastener heat treatment lines.

Solutions for automotive fastener applications

Because of the exacting requirements of the automotive fastener market and the special packaging used we work closely with our customers' engineers to design appropriate solutions. These range from a relatively straightforward machine to insert VDA labels into KLT bins to complex, integrated lines to handle different products and packaging types.

Our machines

Fully integrated packing lines
Advanced fastener inspection lines
Auxiliary equipment for heat treatment lines

Automotive fastener market projects

We are familiar with the requirements of suppliers to the automotive market and have developed a number of machines and integrated packing lines to serve them. On the right you can browse through a number of projects we have completed for our customers, to get an idea of the solutions we provide.

Versatile automotive packing line
KLT Returnables
Advanced automotive fastener inspection and packing line
Hybrid weighing/counting unit for a large size range
Lifting and tipping unit for long fasteners
Lifting and tipping unit with bar code reader
Lifting and tipping unit with input and output buffers