Fastener heat treatment

heat treating fasteners

About the fastener heat treatment market

Effective fastener heat treatment requires a steady flow of product through the furnace to ensure a consistent, high quality. In some cases the fasteners need to be untangled first. Weighpack has extensive experience of designing and building solutions for this application. Downstream from the furnace our reloaders place the fasteners gently into bins, without damage to the thread.

Solutions for fastener heat treatment applications

Some of the solutions we have developed for the very end of fastener production lines, i.e. lifting, tipping and feeding, can also be deployed upstream of heat treatment furnaces. We have also developed some unique equipment to handle products emerging from heat treatment lines.

Our machines

Fastener untangling units
Furnace feeder lines
Fastener reloaders

Heat treatment line projects

We are familiar with the unique demands of this stage in the fastener production process and have completed a range of projects in this field. On the right you can browse through a number of projects to get an idea of the solutions we provide.

Heat treatment line feeder/reloader
Lifting and tipping unit for long fasteners
Lifting and tipping unit with bar code reader
Lifting and tipping unit with input and output buffers