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About the fastener wholesale market

Our customers in this market buy fasteners in bulk and pack them for sale to the building and construction and DIY markets. They generally require smaller packing lines than fastener manufacturers, with the ability to change over quickly between products and pack sizes.

Solutions for fastener wholesale applications

Weighpack supplies a range of machines and lines to this market, to meet the needs of both smaller and larger wholesalers. Our small standalone units are very affordable and still offer the highest reliability and a long life, but with a lower throughput than our large lines. They are particularly suitable for businesses where a large proportion of the operations are carried out manually in view of the small batch sizes.

Our machines

Basic, standalone packing units
Fully integrated packing lines

Fastener wholesale projects

We serve large fastener wholesalers with the integrated lines featured elsewhere. The projects on the right are focussed on the needs of smaller businesses.

Packing units for wholesalers
DIY products packing line
Long roofing screw untangling and packing unit
Advanced automotive fastener inspection and packing line
Hybrid weighing/counting unit for a large size range
Lifting and tipping unit for long fasteners
Lifting and tipping unit with bar code reader
Lifting and tipping unit with input and output buffers