Plastic components


About the small plastic components market

Manufacturers of cable management components, fixing plugs and plumbing components use our lines to pack their products reliably and efficiently. Our packing lines can be fed by bulk bins or installed next to the injection moulding units. They can pack the components in boxes, bags or blister packs.

Solutions for plastic products applications

These products are generally much lighter than the fasteners processed by other Weighpack lines. We have developed a number of solutions for this market, including packing units with a very small footprint which can be installed in the limited space available in injection moulding plants.

Our machines

Fully integrated packing lines
Packing units integrated with injection moulding lines

Plastic product market projects

We have developed a range of machines and lines for both small and large plastic products. These help our customers to operate their production lines efficiently. On the right you can browse through a number of projects we have completed for our customers, to get an idea of the solutions we provide.

Heat treatment line feeder/reloader
Fiber feeder for concrete products manufacturers
Efficient fiber boxing line with buffer conveyor
Packing units for wholesalers
DIY products packing line
Versatile automotive packing line
Long roofing screw untangling and packing unit
KLT Returnables
Advanced automotive fastener inspection and packing line