Our solutions

More about our solutions

We design and build our machines in house for a long life in your plant, handling many tonnes of product every hour, for years. Our lines can also handle fragile, tangled and balled products. We supply integrated lines rather than a set of machines. The whole line uses a unified control system so commissioning is quicker and your operators soon become familiar with the line. Standardised motors, cables and cable tags make life much easier for your maintenance department.

Designing and building a line for you

Everything starts with an analysis of your requirements and your plant. During this stage we will ask you many questions, such as:

1. Operating environment
What type of factory do you have? What packaging do you use? How will products enter and leave the packaging line?
2. Products
What type of product, dimensions, weight, handling characteristics, sensitivity to damage, prone to entangling or not, etc.?
3. Packaging requirements
Volume/hour, frequency of change-overs, packaging (box, bag, blister, FIBC), labelling, pack into larger boxes or palletise, etc.? Is inspection required?
4. Logistics, line layout and interfacing
How is bulk product supplied to the line and how are packed products removed, what space is available, is interfacing to ERP software required?
5. Tailor made solution
Based on this information we design and build the fully integrated line and create interfaces to other software and systems you use.
6. Testing
The line is tested in our factory with your products and packaging. You can witness the Factory Acceptance Test in person or remotely.