Inspection & Control

Inspection & Control

About our inspection machines

Inspection can be integrated in our packing lines, or be carried out on a dedicated inspection line. In general, our customers only specify 100% inspection for products such as automotive and aviation fasteners. We can check the product size and shape, presence of cracks, head shape, thread condition and other parameters.

Weighpack experience in inspection

We develop these units in close consultation with your quality management professionals. Weighpack has experience of all relevant inspection methods. A key advantage of packing immediately after inspection is that this prevents downstream damage or contamination of the products. We offer the following inspection methods:

  • Eddy current inspection
  • Optical inspection
  • Mechanical head shape verification


Our inspection lines are highly customised to the requirements of each project. We work closely with your quality engineers to identify the most suitable inspection options. On the right you can browse through a number of projects we have completed for our customers, to get an idea of the solutions we provide.

Heat treatment line feeder/reloader
Fiber feeder for concrete products manufacturers
Efficient fiber boxing line with buffer conveyor
Packing units for wholesalers
DIY products packing line
Versatile automotive packing line
Long roofing screw untangling and packing unit
KLT Returnables
Advanced automotive fastener inspection and packing line
Hybrid weighing/counting unit for a large size range
Lifting and tipping unit for long fasteners
Lifting and tipping unit with bar code reader
Lifting and tipping unit with input and output buffers