Weighing & Counting

Weighing & Counting machine

About our weighing and counting machines

These machines form a key part of every packing line. In fact, they are what Weighpack started with in 1974. They split the bulk product into smaller quantities for packing, by weight or by quantity.

We supply a range of units to suit a wide variety of products and applications and the relevant accuracy and speed requirements. Where necessary we use several units in parallel to increase throughput while maintaining high accuracy.

Weighpack experience in Weighing & Counting

We have a wide range of machines: 

  • Linear weighers for longer products and larger packs, e.g. nails, some automotive products
  • Multihead weighers combine the contents of several weighing pans to obtain the required product weight – these units are both fast and accurate
  • Conveyor weighing systems for products which are prone to entangling 
  • Counting systems offer a high accuracy and are used for packs containing smaller quantities 
  • Hybrid systems use both weighing and counting to obtain a high throughput and high accuracy 
  • Kit packing machines combine different products into one pack, e.g. for self-assembly furniture 


Although we do supply some standard machines, we specialise in designing and building integrated packing and handling lines. On the right you can browse through a number of projects we have completed for our customers, to get an idea of the solutions we provide.

Heat treatment line feeder/reloader
Fiber feeder for concrete products manufacturers
Efficient fiber boxing line with buffer conveyor
Packing units for wholesalers
DIY products packing line
Versatile automotive packing line
Long roofing screw untangling and packing unit
KLT Returnables
Advanced automotive fastener inspection and packing line
Hybrid weighing/counting unit for a large size range
Lifting and tipping unit for long fasteners
Lifting and tipping unit with bar code reader
Lifting and tipping unit with input and output buffers