Our Story

Weighpack is specialized in providing packaging solutions for technical products worldwide. We design, assemble, install and provide maintenance for packaging lines of fasteners and other technical products. Our designs are based on your requirements and our experience. State of the art modular units are our basic building blocks, modified to fit your needs, combined and connected to provide a seamless and smooth packaging solution.

Worldwide we service over 300 clients in more than 50 countries. We supply to manufacturers and wholesalers of fastener products, traditionally in markets such as automotive and construction. But we also provide for the installation industry (fittings, fasteners and connectors), manufacturers of plastics (wall plugs, sanitary fittings) and clients in infrastructure (concrete reinforcing fibers).

Our philosophy: Think ahead

Meanwhile we do not cease to innovate and think ahead. Moving with the world around us and its ever changing demands. Our services are aimed at maximizing the life-cycle of our products and keeping your entire packaging solutions up to date and up to speed! We call it the Weighpack Way: relieving you of stress and provide an answer even before the question is asked.

Our history

In 1974 Andries Kout learned that 2,000 lbs of 1/4″ galvanized self tapping Parker screws in 144 pcs. boxes from the U.S.A. could only be delivered ungalvanized and in bulk. The reason: it was cheaper this way. The galvanizing and packing in boxes had to be done here in Europe by hand. Andries was convinced, this could be done faster and more efficient. He started Weighpack and entered the market of fasteners, designing weighing and packaging machines for the cold-forming industry.

In October 2019, after 45 years at the helm, Andries trusted the company to Simon Rijke, our current CEO. Together with Commercial Director Edward van der Ploeg, Simon is taking our team of thirty packaging specialists into the future.