Packaging & Labeling

Our packaging units will handle any type of product carrier, often folding and sealing them in the process. Whether you need bags, boxes, blisters, crates or drums, there is a Weighpack solution to accurately and efficiently fill, close and label your container. Our labeling units can process pre-printed labels as well as create dynamic data labels in real time. Even the printing and insertion of labels for your Euro containers (KLT) is possible.

Case erector

This machine erects RSC, HSC, FEFCO 0200/0201 cases, folds the bottom flaps and closes them with tape or hot melt. Unique features of this machine include stainless steel exterior finish, automatic case squaring system, easy size change, tape and case monitoring.

• Ergonomic in use.
• Completely guarded, as well electrically as mechanically.
• Magazine horizontally driven, length 1.000 mm.
• Quick adjustable height and width changes (under 2 minutes size changing).
• Mechanical case “square-up” system.
• Flap fingers for easy folding of front and rear case flaps.
• Static closing of bottom side flaps.
• Bottom tape unit with self-adhesive tape (tape width max. 50 mm, flap length approx. 60 mm).
• Grip belts units for perfect closing.
• Pneumatics, make Festo.
• PLC controlled sequence, make Siemens; protections and signals.

Machine range (L x W x H):
• Minimum case dimensions: 200 x 150 x 75 mm.
• Option small case: 200 x 130 x 50 mm.
• Maximum case dimensions: 450 x 350 x 425 mm.
• Other dimensions on request.

Case closer

Suitable to fold the top case flaps and close them with tape. Unique features of this machine include full interlocked guarding, heavy duty, resilient side belts and a tape monitoring system.

Box erector

Suitable to erect 3 flap boxes or dispense boxes from a single pre-cut sheet. Machine automatically changes base box size. Maximum capacity: 30 boxes per minute. A set of tooling is necessary for each box base size.

• Hot-melt unit with 2 spray heads.
• Cassette sheet magazine for max. 1.000 sheets, depending on size.
• 1 set of male tooling for 1 box base size.
• Automatic box push-out unit after forming.
• Adjustable glue setting per box height.
• Automatic adjustable female part to form the boxes in sizes between 95 x 60 mm and 290 x 160 mm (length x wide).
• Automatic sheet magazine lift.

Box closer

This machine is suitable to close single top boxes, which are erected by carton erector machine.

Bag maker

Weighpack supplies various different types of heavy duty bag makers for fasteners, metal and plastic parts. These machines are equipped to form plastic bags out of flat or center folded film. The standard process applies 3 seals around the bag (bottom, top and side); punching an Euro hole for hanging bag presentation is optional. The machine is equipped with a forming tube to transport product between weighing/counting station and the bag maker.

• Capacity: up to 40 bags per minute.
• Bag width: up to 450 mm.
• Bag length: 60 to 600 mm.
• Bag loading weight: up to 15 kg.
• Product height: max. 200 mm.
• Film thickness: 0.06 to 0.22 mm.

Thermo Transfer Labeler

This labeler is suitable to print self-adhesive labels with text, bar codes and other data. It can print labels between 50 and 210 mm wide and is equipped with a label applicator. Printing is controlled from a PC, running label printing software. The entire unit is mounted on an independent steel frame.

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