Our services

The key service we provide is simply listening to our customers. To be able to design a line to meet your needs we need to know everything about your products, what you want to do with them, and how our line has to fit in with the rest of your operations.

Your own technicians can maintain the line, or we can do that for you. We also undertake modifications and upgrades of existing lines. For example, we recently fitted new PLCs to a packing line we supplied thirty years ago.

Services - Consultancy


We can help you design your packaging solutions with regards to automation and packaging logistics and how to efficiently package your products using our
robust packaging lines. Packaging lines strong enough to withstand rough handling by heavy and abrasive products.

Support services


Our lines are robustly designed and use industry-standard parts from leading suppliers (Siemens, Festo, SEW, Sick, etc.) which are available worldwide. This ensures you are not dependent on us to keep your lines running. Special parts are supplied from our warehouse in The Hague, the Netherlands. Our product specialists can log in remotely to the packing line control systems to support your technicians with troubleshooting. Of course, we can undertake the maintenance for you if required. We also upgrade and modify existing lines.