Transport & Feeding

Packing is a multistage process. Feeding the bulk product into the line and transporting it after each treatment, is integral part of our solutions. Products like vibration hoppers, belt hoppers, step feeders and roller conveyors are all extremely robust and made to last. Those machine parts that are in contact with the moving product are coated with diamond rubber, to extend the lifetime of the packaging line and reduce contact noise.

Vibratory feed hopper

The vibratory feed hopper is mounted on an independent frame in line with weighing or counting machine, feeding product directly into machine or via floor standing pre-weigh tray and (magnetic) conveyor belt. Vibratory hoppers are equipped with special vibration dumper and an electromagnetic vibrator drive, suitable to feed difficult flowing products.

• Product load capacity: from 100 kg to 3.000 kg.
• Coating: polyurethane or diamond rubber.
• Volume capacity: from 50 ltr to 1.500 ltr.
• Output width: from 200 mm to 1.000 mm.


Orientation control

During transportation in the packaging line, some product needs to be aligned. Especially long products need to have matching orientation before boxing. We offer both mechanical and magnetic (for ferrous products) orientation units.

Mechanical orientation
A special step feeder is equipped to align long products, to ensure uniformity in orientation for the remaining stages in the packaging line.

Magnetic orientation
Suitable to align ferrous products in boxes.

• Weight to orientate up to 35 kg depending on machine model.
• Product length up to 400 mm.
• Airgap from 165 mm to 450 mm.
• Orientation height from 20 mm to 350 mm.
• Depth from 100 mm to 400 mm.
• With electrical cabinet, external orientation timer and magnet control.
• Fall and rise system orientation chute.
• Orientation chute for various box sizes.
• Independent air cooling.
• Including box detection.
• Demagnetizing.


Conveyor belts


Heavy duty conveyors

We supply heavy duty conveyors belts suitable for box transport with adjustable box guides designed for various boxes and quick change over. All components are mounted on independent heavy-duty steel frames, custom designed and synchronized in one control system. To lift product from floor level to the required height for weighing/counting machine, we offer heavy duty elevator conveyor belts, mainly for bolts, screws and nuts. Special loading, feeding, dosing and unloading systems are designed for heat treatment lines.

• Running height: from 550 mm to 900 mm.
• Length: from 0.5 m to 12 meters
• High quality modular plastic-, or guided PVC conveyor belt: 200 mm to 400 mm
• Convey velocity: from 2 meter to 60 meter per minute.
• Fixed or adjustable side guides.
• Drive by means of a three-phase motor or servo motor.
• Solid aluminium body on heavy duty steel support frame.
• Other specifications on request.

Magnetic belt conveyors

Our magnetic belt conveyors lift ferrous products from a floor-mounted bulk storage hopper (VB series) up to an automatic weighing or production machine. An efficient, trouble-free way of bringing ferrous products to the desired height. Using a magnetic belt conveyor, the total footprint of an installation will be drastically reduced.

• Infeed height: min. 450 mm.
• Outfeed height: from 1.500 mm to 5.000 mm.
• Belt width: 300 mm to 600 mm.
• Magnetic track width: 250 mm to 500 mm.
• Convey velocity: up to 60 meter per minute.
• Other specifications on request.

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