Weighing & Counting

Check weigher for fasteners and hardware products

Part of virtually every packaging line is a weighing/counting station. Single or multiple units can be installed, keeping the speed of the packaging process at its peak. The electronic counting or automatic ‘inflight correction’ guarantees maximum accuracy. Our products fit in any fully- or semi-automated packaging line and are designed to handle hardware products 24/7.

High speed multihead weigher

This machine is designed for high speed weighing and counting of various fasteners. It has a 10, 12 or 14-lane feeding system, 14 accumulation stations and 14 weigh stations, equipped with microprocessor control and a HMI panel unit with 1.000 memory codes for parameter settings. The entire machine is mounted on a heavy-duty steel frame.

• Capacity: up to 60 discharges per minute.
• Product to dose: nails, screws, bolts, nuts, washers, rivets, studs etc.
• Average product range: M3 x 8 mm up to M16 x 100 mm.
• Accuracy: the machine is 100% accurate in 99% of the operations; otherwise the maximum deviation is +2 pieces
• Self check + reject box.


Automatic net weighing and counting machine

This kind of weighing/counting machine combines the best of two worlds: maximum output of a weighing machine and the highest accuracy of a counting machine. The multipurpose unit can be used for single piece counting (1 to 50 pieces), as weighing/counting unit for larger quantities (50 to 1.000 pieces) or the batch weighing of fasteners up to 2.000 g. It is particularly suited for weighing small and medium size fasteners like nails, screws, nuts, bolts, plastics and various other small parts.

• Cast aluminium bowl polyurethane coated.
• Stainless steel tooling, easily adjustable with quick release knobs incorporating override flap for bulk filling in weighing modes.
• High accuracy optical counting head with adjustable sensitivity.
• Weighpan mounted on sensitive loadcell type weighing mechanism to discharge product on demand.
• Siemens PLC-based control system with separate menus for storing product settings.
• Choice of operating modes including counting, weighing, weigh-counting, combined and multiple discharge.
• Bowl diameter: 400 or 650 mm.
• Feed width: 35 or 50 mm.
• Rotation – clockwise or counter clockwise.
• Weighpan volume: 0.7 to 1.5 ltr.
• Effective weight range: 100 up to 2.000 g.
• Display resolution: 0.1 g.
• Bowl level sensor.


Linear weighing machine

Our linear weighing machine is an automatic weigh- and counting machine with high speed vibratory feed system for bulk and fine product flow. It comes in different configurations. Cut-off and final weight are controlled digitally, the unit is mounted on a heavy duty steel frame.

• Capacity: up to 5 to 10 discharges per minute.
• 2 to 4-tray feed system between 175 mm and 400 mm wide (other sizes are available).
• Separate or incorporated adjustable fine feed finger.
• Pre-weigh under primary tray for consistent product flow.
• Weight range: from 10 to 35.000 g. depending on machine model.
• Resolution external +/- 1 gram, internal +/- 0.1 gram.
• Self-check facility to avoid underweight.
• Vibratory speed control by digital setting.
• Automatic inflight correction.
• 200 codes to memorize machine setting.


Twin head weighing machine

Double box filling linear weighing machine for heavy products and automotive parts. This linear weigher incorporates with 2 weighing mechanisms for dynamic bulk and fine weighing and counting of bolts, sockets, screws and nuts. The unit is mounted on a heavy duty steel frame.

• Capacity: 8 to 16 discharges per minute, depending on machine model.
• Weight range: 0.2 to 30 kg, depending on machine model.
• 2 pre-weigh systems under the back trays, controlling the infeed of product from the hoppers.
• 2 feed trays with 2 flat fine feed fingers or single roller fine feed with optical counter.
• Digital control box with 200 memories for product family settings.
• Weighpans on heavy duty loadcells.
• 1 main chute system.


Check weigher

Versatile scales for the controlled weighing of filled product carriers. Checking can be done by weight or number. Check weigher units are fully integrated in the packaging line and controlled from the main control cabinet or OMS (PC, overall management software). Depending on the requested capacity the units are configured as intermittent or dynamic (on the flow) weighing units. Out of tolerance product carriers will be rejected on roller conveyor or in a reject bin. After correction they can be re-introduced in the packaging line. Depending on the requirements, the units can be supplied in compliance with local Weights and Measures certification.

With the special VDA check weigher configuration there are two interactive check weighers in the packaging line: one to check the individual weight of the empty KLT boxes and a second one to check the final weight/count, compensated by the previously determined empty box weight.

Features of the static check weigher:
• Capacity: up to 15 checks per minute (intermittent).
• Weight range: 5 to 50 kg, depending on machine model.
• Heavy duty weigh platform: from 100 x 100 up to 400 x 600 mm.
• Pneumatic reject pusher.
• 1 meter reject roller conveyor.
• Digital control box with 200 memories for product family settings.
• Automatic zero correction.
• Communication by: Ethernet, Modbus or ProfiNet.
• Optional Weights & Measures approval.


Features of the dynamic check weigher
• Capacity: up to 60 checks per minute (on the flow).
• Weight range: 0.2 to 20 kg, depending on machine model
• 2 or 3 belt conveying system, width: 100 to 400 mm, length: 200 to 600 mm.
• Heavy duty support frame.
• Pneumatic reject pusher or flap.
• 1 meter reject roller conveyor or reject bin.
• Digital control box with 200 memories for product family settings.
• Automatic zero correction.
• Communication by: Ethernet, Modbus or ProfiNet.
• Optional Weights & Measures approval.

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